Role: Con artist
Personality: Carefree
Appearance: Charlie the Unicorn
Quote: "Charlie! What have you done?"
Pink is a pink unicorn
Riding the duck

Pink and Blue on the duck, Charlie about to get on the duck

from the Charlie the Unicorn series.


1. It is
Grab onto our tongues

Charlie 'grabbing' onto their tongues

unknown if Pink is male or female, although it can be assum
No title

A shot from Charlie the Unicorn 2

ed Pink is female the wa
Future Unicorns

Pink and Blue from the future

y Pink acts and talks.

2. Pink usually floats around more than Blue.

3. Pink is usually always agreeing with Blue, saying things like "Yeah, Charlie. We're going to Candy Mountain!!!"

4. Pink is shown to vomit up rainbows in Charlie the Unicorn.

5. Pink is usally seen behind the other 2 unicorns.

6. Both Pink and Blue speak Spanish as demonstrated in Charlie the Unicorn 2 when the group talks to Z.