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Charlie the Unicorn Wiki is a collaborative website about the famous viral shorts. You can edit as long as you have an account, and you know what you're doing.


  • The trivia section is not for pointing out the obvious. No "Character X is the fiftieth Y to appear in the series!" bullcrap.
  • You must have an account, you must have an avatar, and you must know what you're doing.
  • The talk page section is not for pointing out the obvious. It is for discussing article editing.
  • We don't have forums or article comments anymore. Do not request them.
  • Spamming and inserting false information is punishable by 1000-year block.
  • Self-proclaimed "Helpers" who do more harm than good are automatically banned for life.

Special ThanksEdit


To Syon78 for starting this Wiki. And then doing nothing intelligent with it. Thanks for nothing.