Charlie the Unicorn

Charlie the Unicorn

Charlie the Unicorn is the first episode of the Charlie the Unicorn series.


Charlie the Unicorn is sleeping in the forest when two other enigmatic unicorns arrive and pester him to come with them to Candy Mountain. At first he is reluctant, (sarcastically asking them if the meadow is on fire), and attempts to go back to sleep, but he eventually obliges. The unicorns go through several stops along the way.

The first stop that they go through is finding what the Pink and Blue unicorns call a Liopleurodon, who apparently guides them the way, although to Charlie and the audience it just sounds like a dinosaur roar. Charlie believes that there is no such thing as the Candy Mountain, although he is "shunned" by Pink and Blue.

The next obstacle involves the three main "heros" on a bridge, which Charlie says is completely unsafe. After some awkward calling of Charlie's name by Blue, they finally manage to make it to Candy Mountain (which actually turns out to be a cave.

The two unicorns attempt to convince Charlie to enter the cave alone, but to no avail. Then however, the letters spelling out "Candy Mountain" begin to come to life, gaining arms and eyes, and the series's first musical number plays. The letters end with them floating in time and space, with them all crashing each other and exploding (which is a running gag in the musical numbers of the series.)

Charlie is finally gives up and goes into the Candy Mountain cave, only to find the rumors of sweets and joy to not be true and the only thing in the cave is literally nothing. Pink and Blue say good by to Charlie, and, to his confusion, close the door. In the dark, Charlie hears footsteps, and he gets knocked out. Charlie then wakes up in his original sleeping spot with a cut in his lower abdomen, as he realizes that one of his kidneys is gone.


Blue: Hey, Charlie! Hey Charlie, wake up!

Pink: Yeah, Charlie! You silly sleepyhead, wake up!

Charlie: (sigh) Oh God, you guys. This had better be pretty freak'n important. Is the meadow on fire?